Terms of invasion into the apartment.

A. Check-in any of the apartments is possible provided from 13:00.

Two. If necessary, the settlement before 13:00, you must order the service "early arrival". This service is charged at half price nights. This service is available for pre-booking an apartment.

Three. To avoid misunderstandings, we ask you to confirm the day before the settlement of a prior reservation.

4. A prerequisite for settlement of the apartment is a 100% payment for the stay.

Terms of eviction from the apartment.

A. The eviction from the apartment before 12:00, no matter the time of settlement.

Two. If necessary, eviction after 12:00 must predviritelno order a "late check-out." This service is charged separately in the amount of:

* Check-out until 18:00 - it is necessary in addition to pay half the cost of the nights;
* Later than 18:00 - must pay an additional night stay.

Ability to service "late departure" is discussed in advance and is due to the availability of apartments on a certain date. It is recommended to order the service "late checkout" at pre-booking an apartment.

Three. You need at least 2 hours before the eviction contact us to confirm the exact time of eviction.

4. As previously stipulated time, we come to you to post back to apartments and the Keys. Please let us know in advance if you want to move out sooner or later, the previously agreed time.

Five. If you have a need to leave before the agreed time, you should contact us to change the time of eviction from the apartment. Please let us know in advance if you have changed the time of eviction.
Terms of living in an apartment.

The apartment is provided to you solely for the accommodation. The concept - "residence" excludes the carrying out of any noisy activities that may disturb the surrounding neighbors and disturb the public order, and can cause damage to property in a rented apartment.
In case of violation of this paragraph - we reserve the right to immediate eviction without refund your money: advance payment, payment for accommodation, cash bail.

Also! You are fully responsible for the actions of third parties that are in an apartment with your knowledge.